Meet the Team

Meet TruBlue Total House Care of Omaha

Our Mission

Our TruBlu mission is to combine the compassion we have for older adults, and their busy family members, with our passion to fix, upgrade and care for homes, into a thriving family business which becomes our clients’ single point of contact for all their house maintenance and property care needs.

undefinedOwner - Scott Dingfield

From a young age, I wanted to be involved in building or repairing houses, but my education and professional experience took me in another direction. I graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a degree in public relations and business. From that point, I worked in lawn care and landscape construction with Lanoha Nursery, customer service for Enterprise Rent-a-Car, led the marketing efforts at Grace University and then spent the bulk of my career, nearly 15 years, leading the marketing and innovation efforts for Home Instead Senior Care’s global network.

After Home Instead, my childhood interests came full circle as I started a company focused on helping older adults, and their families, during their home downsize and transition process as we purchased and renovated their homes. I also became a licensed contractor.

undefinedOwner - Terri Dingfield

My dad passed away in early 2016 after a series of strokes and a six-month end-of-life journey. During this time my siblings and I helped my mom make health and financial decisions and maintain their home. But in the mix of all that, we just wanted to spend time with my parents - quality time, not get stuff done time.

Exiting that season, I felt strongly that I wanted to help older adults and their families manage all the “stuff” so they could experience the benefit of a stress-free time together. I was excited to discover the opportunity with TruBlue Total House Care so we could do exactly that - help busy families with their chore list (and their parents’ list) and help maintain and update the homes of older adults so they could continue living at home.

Personally, I am blessed to work with my husband Scott. We celebrated 20 years of marriage in 2019 and we enjoy time with our high school age daughters. Professionally, I graduated from Grace University with a degree in business management. I worked at Mutual of Omaha Fund Management Company, was Director of Admissions at Grace University, a stay-at-home mom, had part-time roles with a local start-up indoor farmer’s market and served in a recruiting and admissions role at Lifegate Christian School.

Why Start TruBlue in Omaha?

We started TruBlue in Omaha because it perfectly meshes our desire to help older adults and their family members during the aging process with our interest in working on houses.

From 2001 to this point, Scott’s professional focus has been to understand the concerns and meet the needs of individuals 65+ and their adult children. Nearly 90% of all Americans want to age at home, but that conversation usually ends up with two questions families wrestle with:

  • Will mom/dad need extra care to remain independent in their home?
  • Can mom/dad continue to take care of the house itself and maintain a safe living environment?

Some families decide it’s time to sell the house and move their loved one into a care community. Other families figure out how to care for their loved one at home either on their own or through private duty home care.

When this happens, all the energy goes into their loved one’s care (rightly so), and what happens in some situations is the house itself is neglected and starts to deteriorate. For older adults, it is our dream to bring them relief and peace of mind by maintaining their house and property so small problems don’t become costly fixes. For their family members, we know we can save them time spent on house projects so they can use their evenings and weekends on family time instead of tool time.