Ode to a Handyman

Ode to a Handyman

Our handymen at TruBlue of Vienna are truly top-notch! And so I’d like to dedicate our first blog post to them, for their hard work, attention to detail and commitment to customer service.

Over the last few months, we have completed quite the variety of projects. We built a dog ramp for an elderly dog, assembled a number of outdoor playsets, fixed countless sticking doors and installed shower grab bars for a few of our senior clients.

We have also helped a number of clients put their homes back together after a water leak. And we have had the pleasure of helping some of our other clients get their homes “buttoned up” to go on the market.

My goodness, I almost left out property management companies! They love our process. We send “before” pictures along with the estimate and “after” pictures along with the invoice, which they then forward to the owner.

Each of our projects, in their own right, have improved the life of our clients. For some, it gave them a few extra hours back in their weekend, time they could spend with family and friends. For others, it gave them the peace of mind of knowing their homes were being maintained.

And for that I am so grateful for our team of handymen. They are truly special people. So this post is dedicated to them.

Thank you for always going above and beyond on every project. We are so proud of you and proud of the work we are doing in the community.



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