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Helping You Sell Properties Faster

When it comes to real estate, the point is simple: when properties sell, you make money. A quick turnaround on listing a property and a making a sale is preferred. That’s why it’s critical to have a partner in your corner who can not only provide real estate cleaning and repair services to help prepare your home to go on the market sooner but will help bring in the best offers and close quicker. TruBlue Total House Care is a one-stop real estate cleaning service that can provide everything from a full-home clean-up to a minor repair work and increase the curb appeal of the property.

Just a few of our real estate cleaning and repair services include:
  • Pre-sale cleaning and repairs
  • Home inspection punch lists
  • Move-in cleaning and repairs
  • Increase aesthetic appeal
  • Safety and accessibility modifications

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Transforming Bank-Owned Properties

Properties that are owned by the bank sometimes are more challenging to sell because they can be in multiple stages of disrepair or damage. Often vacant for extended periods of time, they are susceptible to countless problems and can require a lot of care and attention to make them buyer-ready. The interior and exterior may be in need of both cleaning and repairs, and instead of seeking multiple companies to handle numerous projects, you can count on TruBlue Total House Care for all your house care services.

Common problems that bank-owned properties face include:
  • Broken and cracked glass
  • Faulty or inefficient heating and cooling systems
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Loose railing and other safety hazards
  • Dirty window wells
  • Moldy siding, decks, and sidewalks
  • Dusty ductwork

Trust TruBlue House Care for your whole house care service and sell your next real estate property for top dollar.

Convenient Vacation Property Services

Vacation homes and rentals are often left unused for extended periods of times. This can make them trickier to sell, as the owner does not always live in the area. TruBlue Total House Care can be the all-in-one house care service you need to prepare your home for sale while you are away. We can tackle all projects inside and out and have your home ready by the time you arrive to start showing it. Seasonality is an important element when it comes to selling vacation homes. You want your home to be ready to sell before the peak vacation period. Trust us with your vacation home real estate needs.

Have a vacation home that you rent out every season? If you have temporary tenants that come and go, you need a cleaning and repair service that can turn-around your vacation property quickly and efficiently for the next visitor. Cleaning up after a large family or a group of college students can be time-consuming and frustrating. Trust TruBlue with these tasks to keep your vacation home in great condition.

Why Choose TruBlue?

Regardless of the size, state, or type of property, you can count on TruBlue Total House Care to provide all the home care services you need for preparation and maintenance. Hiring individual companies to complete varying tasks can not only be pricey but can be time-consuming, as well. With TruBlue, you will receive handyman, maid, and yard work services all with one call.

Still not sure? Our real estate house maintenance company provides:
  • Skilled craftsmen who are insured, bonded, and background checked
  • Many years of experience
  • Free firm quotes
  • Convenient monthly maintenance packages

Age in Place

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We offer affordable House Care Plus packages starting at as low as $199 per month that are perfect for a hectic family, or an elderly loved one who could use a helping hand.

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