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Extensive Yard Work Services

Green Thumb Lawn Service Solutions for Seniors & Busy Homeowners

Lawn care can be difficult, tedious, and extensive. The older you get, the more intense the workload becomes. No matter the size of your property, there are always countless tasks that need constant upkeep and attention. Yard work can be overwhelming for anyone, but especially for elderly seniors and busy families. Hot summer weather and frigid winter temperatures create tough conditions for outdoor chores, so many homeowners need help with yard work.

TruBlue Total House Care provides yard work services that can keep your property in pristine condition and the envy of the neighborhood. If you have a senior parent or loved one, our services are integral to ensuring they age comfortably and healthily in place.

A few of our yard care services include:
  • Weeding and edging
  • Pruning bushes and small trees
  • Mowing and raking
  • Fence installation
  • Lawn seeding, fertilizing, and aerating
  • Deck staining, sealing, and repair

This list of yard work services we offer is in no way exhaustive. Have a household task that you don’t see above? Give us a call. We can handle just about any small yard project you may have in mind.

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Yard Maintenance Programs for Every Property

No matter how much you hope, yard work is not going away. It’s a necessary evil that will always be there, no matter where you live or the size of your property. Regularly mowing your lawn or trimming the hedges can minimize work in the future. If you don’t tend to these chores regularly, they can get out of hand and look unsightly. TruBlue offers monthly programs that will handle all your yard work services on a regular schedule. Our plans can be customized to fit your needs and your budget so that you only pay for what is necessary.

Our plans are perfect for busy families as well as seniors. If you have a hectic schedule or health and mobility issues and need help with yard work, TruBlue whole house care can help alleviate the stress of everyday yard chores. Our service plans make perfect gifts for any homeowner in your life.

Age in Place

Explore our affordable House Care Plus packages today.

We offer affordable House Care Plus packages starting at as low as $199 per month that are perfect for a hectic family, or an elderly loved one who could use a helping hand.

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