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Keeping Senior Citizens Safe & Secure with our Aging-in-Place Services

Aging is a natural part of life. As we grow older, we start to lose strength and mobility. Some of the tasks that were once easy become increasingly more difficult. It’s important that a home is accommodating of these changes. If you or someone you love is facing these natural challenges, it’s important to contact TruBlue Total House Care to perform a safety audit of your home and provide solutions to safety problems you may have. A thorough inspection of your property will help us create a plan of necessary modifications that will make your home safer and more comfortable for your day-to-day activities, ensuring you or your loved ones age in the comfort of their home long into the future.

Some of our home accessibility services include:
  • Wheelchair ramp installation and removal
  • Handrail installation and removal
  • Doorknob replacements
  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • Switch and outlet access modifications
  • Doorway widening

Contact TruBlue Total House Care at (833) 544-9994 to learn more about our Safe Access program and request a free quote for our home safety services.

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Make Your Business More Accessible

Are you a business owner trying to make your property more accessible to those with disabilities? Are you a realtor selling a senior’s home with accessibility modifications that need to be removed for broader market appeal? Here at TruBlue Total House Care, we provide wheelchair ramp installation and removal services. We have the tools and resources to modify a business to provide access to all customers or to enhance the appearance of a property.

Our team of skilled craftsmen is insured and bonded and offer years of experience. With customer satisfaction as our top priority, you can rest assured you or your loved ones are in great hands.

Age in Place

Explore our affordable House Care Plus packages today.

We offer affordable House Care Plus packages starting at as low as $199 per month that are perfect for a hectic family, or an elderly loved one who could use a helping hand.

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