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House Care Services for Seniors & Working Families


Making Life Easier for Your Elderly Parents

Owning a home is a lot of work, and as you age, the work only intensifies. Something always breaks, the lawn constantly needs attention, or you just can’t find a few minutes to repaint that damaged wall. Life never stops. But with TruBlue Total House Care, it can be a bit easier. We provide convenient home maintenance services, repairs, cleaning, and more so that you can enjoy more care-free and worry-free living. We provide free quotes to allow you to learn about our affordable services and find the right fit for you and your property.

TruBlue’s Total House Care services are the preferred choice for the elderly and busy homeowners because we provide:
  • Fast, efficient, and guaranteed work
  • Indoor and outdoor projects of all varieties
  • Licensed and bonded skilled craftsmen
  • Preventative maintenance to minimize future problems
  • Safety and independence for seniors
  • More quality time for families and care-free living

Our services are perfect for all homeowners, but busy families and elder individuals can often benefit the most from the conveniences that TruBlue Total House Care provides. We can handle the everyday tasks that get increasingly difficult with old age. Our services can see that you or your loved one age in place.

Reliable Handyman Services

How often do you wish you had an extra hand? Maybe two? Owning a home brings countless small headaches. A leaky faucet. A faulty light switch. A toilet that just won’t flush. Many everyday household issues are minor and easily fixable; however, a few minor issues combined with your hectic schedule leaves you with larger issues and no time to handle them all. Left untreated, these little nuisances can grow into bigger problems. TruBlue Total House Care can provide services to keep the nuts and bolts of your home running smoothly. We can provide one-time fixes for last-minute problems as well as monthly routine maintenance to catch problems before they begin.

Thorough House Cleaning

Dust and dirt always find a way to get into the toughest, most hard-to-reach places. A quick swipe with the vacuum or wipe of a cloth doesn’t always handle the job. To get a true deep clean, you need to dedicate time and even some muscle. TruBlue Total House Care offers a full-service cleaning for homes and businesses of every size. Whether you need just a single room detailed or a whole-house scrub down, trust our reliable team to leave your home spotless.

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