You pack your bags, clean the house, lock up and ask the neighbors to keep an eye on your place, but sometimes that’s not enough. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing time away to find that something is wrong with your house. Whether it is something small (like a fallen tree limb) or something big (like your furnace went out or a pipe burst), coming home to a hassle or major damage isn’t something anyone wants, especially if you’re taking an extended vacation or staying at a summer or winter home.

That’s why we recently rolled out a Home Watch program. As part of Home Watch, clients can have a TruBlue technician conduct a weekly or bi-weekly interior and exterior check-up of the property. With Home Watch, TruBlue technician will bring in any newspapers or mail left out, adjust window shades and lights, check for any plumbing leaks or problems, flush toilets and run faucets, make sure pool maintenance has been consistent and thorough, and even run vehicle engines. Although there’s a suggested list of maintenance items, your Home Watch plan can be customized to suit you and your home.

Getting an emergency house call while you’re on vacation or when you’re staying at a summer or winter home is terrible, but coming home to a serious home disaster is much worse. You want to know your house is in good hands and that you’ll come home to a place that’s clean, comfortable and in great shape. Home Watch is a popular program because it really does ease the stress of being away from your home. Even homes with smart programs or security systems are at risk for unexpected maintenance issues we can catch with a simple walk-through inspection.

TruBlue can also get your house ready for your return by setting up a house cleaning, adjusting your thermostat and even stocking the refrigerator at your request. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of Home Watch and TruBlue services, but if there’s something else you’d like us to do or a project you’d like us to oversee while you’re away, talk to your local TruBlue Total House Care team. And remember, Home Watch is great for those summer and winter homes too!