Meet the Team

Meet TruBlue Total House Care of Carmel

Owner Bio: Matt Matich

The northern Indianapolis suburbs of Carmel, Fishers, Geist, Westfield and Zionsville are special. They offer a world class quality of life filled with hard-working, honest people who look out for each other. People who live here – like my wife Kris and I – are busy and we understand that time is valuable. So why do we spend so much time maintaining our homes? From handyman projects around the house to landscaping to cleaning, every minute we spend on our to-do lists is time we aren’t spending with our families or doing the things we enjoy. I’m Matt Matich and that’s why I opened TruBlue of Carmel.

TruBlue is a full-service company that offers both bundled and unbundled services. Clients looking for dependable, high-quality, individual services can hire TruBlue for basic help around the home, handyman repairs, cleaning services, emergency repairs, landscaping, seasonal services and minor home renovations. For clients looking for total house care solutions – especially seniors and busy families who want the comfort and convenience of owning a home without worrying about the maintenance hassles – TruBlue offers a House Care Plus monthly maintenance program. TruBlue also works with homeowners, realtors and rental property owners who need to get homes move-in ready quickly and keep them maintained as well as business clients.

TruBlue is unique because, while we can become your complete house care manager, helping with everything from simple chores to handyman, maid or yardwork – all catered to help homeowners with their always-growing ‘to do’ list – we understand that what we’re really giving you is time. Homeowners in our area never seem to have enough time to do all the things we want to do, but we spend a lot of time maintaining and caring for our homes. In many cases we do the work ourselves because we are unable to find service providers who can meet our expectations in a quality and timely manner.

When I sold and bought a house in a very short amount of time, I found myself doing 15 years’ worth of maintenance to get everything ready. There are some great professionals out here, but none of them could help me in a timely manner. I looked for other handymen on Home Advisor and Angie’s List, but of the people who called, one of them didn’t want to do the work, one never called back and the third called me drunk at 11pm on a work night. That made me realize that there had to be a better solution, which is what led me to TruBlue.

If you believe the time you spend cleaning and worrying about taking care of your house or trying to find someone to do that work for you could be better spent – TruBlue is the solution. I am here to take on those projects so you can spend more time with your family and doing the things you love.

TruBlue is also unique because our House Care Plus and Senior Safety programs can be combined to help older adults stay in their homes longer. My team can help seniors transform their homes to meet their changing needs and then we offer continuous maintenance services through House Care Plus. It’s all about helping older adults thrive in their own homes while offering their loved ones the peace of mind that comes with having a partner like TruBlue to help.

Kris and I have lived in Carmel since 2000 and both of our daughters went through Carmel Public Schools from kindergarten through high school. Our daughter Anna is graduating from Champlain College with degrees in Digital Forensics and Computer Science. She’s also the founder of the non-profit, which offers technology solutions for children. Our daughter Kate is studying Psychology and Speech and Hearing Sciences at Indiana University.