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TruBlue Total House Care Implements Franchise-Wide Senior Home Safety Certifications through Age Safe® America

One in four adults over the age of 65 falls every year and, of those falls, 20 percent cause serious injuries. While not every fall is preventable, 90 percent of falls happen in the home and many of those can be prevented with home safety modifications, according to the National Council on Aging. That’s

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Show Your Home Some Love with House Care Plus

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and, whether you sent your special someone a bouquet of roses or you took yourself out to dinner, we bet you forgot to show your home some love. Luckily TruBlue can help, both at Valentine’s Day and throughout the year, especially through our House Care Plus program. House

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Four Winter Home Maintenance Projects You Probably Didn’t Know You Needed to Do

Having your furnace cleaned, checking your windows and doors for tight seals, storing your outdoor furniture, inspecting your fireplace… there are lot of projects you’ve probably already checked off your winter home maintenance list. It’s pretty easy to remember the projects you see every day – and that will have an immediate impact if

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Weatherproofing Your Home Before Winter

Whether your live in Colorado or Connecticut, winter brings cooler temperatures and it can help the efficiency of your home if you weatherproof and winterize! Here are a few things you’ll want to do – or bring TruBlue in to do – before winter is in full force. Doors and Windows: Take a look

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Five Safety Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

Decorating for the holidays can be fun and, whether you light it up like the Griswolds or you keep your display a bit more subdued, there are some safety measures you need to consider before you get started. Here are five tips for a safer holiday lights experience: Inspect and Replace: Before you take

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Get Your Home in the Fall Spirit: Decorate with Pumpkins

Fall festivals are staples of the season, but not all of those pumpkins you bring home have to be destined to be jack-o-lanterns! Whether you carve them into flower pots, paint them for your front porch or try one of these other six ideas, pumpkins can almost instantly put your house in the autumn

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Four Things You Shouldn’t Store in Your Garage or Shed

Garages and sheds can become dumping grounds for all sorts of stuff, but there are some things you need to find space for in your house. Between the heat, the lack of great ventilation and the increased risk for interference from rodents and bugs, here are four kinds of things you shouldn’t store in

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