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Bank properties, because they are vacant and typically in multiple stages of disrepair or damage, can be more challenging to sell. Look to TruBlue to maintain the property's exterior and address the interior to get it in great shape to attract more buyers and help it sell for top dollar.

With TruBlue’s affordable and professional whole house care service program, you have one source for whatever you need to prepare properties  to be sold. Plus, you have a trusted resource you can recommend to the buyer to do any remodeling and to help get the property move-in ready.

Some of Our More Commonly Requested Services

Address pest access

Clean gutters and downspouts

Check operation of windows and doors

Assure floor drains are not clogged

Check furnace and air conditioner

Drainage around the home

Repair any fence issues

Power wash decks, sidewalks, siding

Caulking of windows and tubs

Check to assure sump pump is working

Clean window wells

Repair broken / cracked glass

Check duct work connection to vent fans

Unclog slow drains

Check for loose railings or other safety hazards